On 3rd December we celebrated International Day of Disabled People with a fantastic online event.

The Hammersmith & Fulham DPO Network, organised by Action on Disability (AoD), SafetyNet People First and H&F Coalition Against Cuts (HFCAC) came together along with many of our members and supports to celebrate the day.

The event celebrated the ‘coming together’ of local disabled residents, community activists and influential local politicians to create a positive online platform for the ongoing struggle for disability rights, equality and inclusion in our local community, London and nationwide.

We heard from a variety of speakers during the event and one of the key speakers was Michelle Daley, Director of Alliance for Inclusive Education. She spoke about the Social Model of Disability – how this model shapes our thinking today and what changes we must see for the future.

We wanted to thank Michelle Daley for taking part in the event and you can watch the video of Michelle’s inspiring and informative speech here.

Action on Disability

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