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At Action on Disability, we understand the importance of accessible information. Our comprehensive collection of factsheets and resources is designed to empower you with knowledge, offering guidance and support on a variety of topics relevant to disabled individuals and their carers. These resources have been developed in collaboration with our partners, Ruils and the Direct Payment Peer Support Group, ensuring they are informative, reliable, and user-friendly.

Available Factsheets

Our factsheets are available in Easyread formats upon request, catering to a wide audience and ensuring that everyone can benefit from the valuable information they contain. Here’s what you can find:

Direct Payment Factsheet

A guide to understanding and managing your Direct Payments effectively.

Sickness Factsheet

Information on how to handle sickness in relation to employment and support.

Employing a PA Factsheet

Key advice on recruiting, hiring, and managing a Personal Assistant.

Redundancy Factsheet

Guidance on dealing with redundancy and rights for both employers and employees.

Annual Leave Factsheet

Important details regarding annual leave entitlements and procedures.

Disciplinary & Grievances Factsheet

How to approach disciplinary actions and grievances in the workplace.

Pensions Factsheet

Insights into pension schemes and planning for the future.

Self-Employed PAs Factsheet

Advice for those employing or working as a self-employed Personal Assistant.

Need More Information?

If you require further assistance or have specific questions that our factsheets do not address, we are here to help. Please feel free to get in touch with us for more personalized support.

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Empower yourself with the right information. Our factsheets and resources are just the beginning of what we hope will be an informative journey towards independence and understanding.

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