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At Action on Disability, we believe in the power of information and the importance of dialogue. Our News and Blogs section is more than just a source of updates; it’s a space dedicated to sparking conversations, sharing insights, and building connections within the disabled people’s community and beyond.

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Engaging Content: Dive into a variety of articles, stories, and updates that cover the latest happenings at AoD, breakthroughs in disability rights, and stories of empowerment from the disabled community in London and across the UK.

International Day of Disabled People

Join Action on Disability in celebrating Disability History Month and International Day of Disabled People! AoD...

We are recruiting!

 Action on Disability is recruiting!  We are looking for Disabled person to apply for the...

AoD July 2023 E-Newsletter

Welcome to the July 2023 Action on Disability E-Newsletter. Below you can find out about...

AoD May E-Newsletter

AoD Grand Opening

Useful Information over the festive period

AoD December 2022 E-Newsletter

Community Research Training

Imperial College NHS Healthcare

AoD Update

Action on Disability celebrates after receiving £337,851 in National Lottery funding

Coproduction Training Course for Disabled People Who Live and Work in Hammersmith and Fulham

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